• Citizen Science Program

    Understanding the interactions between the ecosystem and the biological, economic and social components of a fishery is critical when developing management strategies that promote sustainable fishing. Resource extraction needs to accommodate diverse uses and objectives across multiple scales and sectors. This can be socially and politically challenging due to the number of people involved and […]

  • Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

    We are combining oceanographic, passive acoustic telemetry, biological, underwater monitoring, fisheries, and economic data to understand the benefits Cabo Pulmo, a national marine park, brings to adjacent fisheries and local communities.

  • Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program (L-TEMP)

    The long-term monitoring program was established in 1998 and serves as a central hub for all research of the Gulf of California Marine Program, and we are building on almost two decades of surveys of nearshore marine ecosystems, like rocky reefs, in the central and southern Gulf of California.