Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

The Gulf of California is heralded as a biodiversity “hotspot” due to the immense diversity of marine and terrestrial ecosystems found within its borders and the incredible abundance of endemic species restricted to its waters. Our team of scientists are cataloging and monitoring this immense diversity through collections and descriptions of new species, surveys on the abundance and distributions of fishes and invertebrates, and analyses of changes to organisms and ecosystems in response to both human and environmental stressors.

We focus our efforts on the critical habitats (rocky reefs, mangroves and coastal lagoons, seamounts, fish spawning aggregation sites) that contribute to the rich biodiversity and high productivity that characterizes the region. We seek to demonstrate the importance of critical habitats to the conservation of threatened species and the management of commercial species and to communicate the socioeconomic benefits that critical habitats provide to fisheries, tourism, and coastal communities.

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