Centro para la Biodiversidad Marina y la Conservación, A.C.

Centro para la Biodiversidad Marina y la Conservación (CBMC) was founded in 2012 to support Mexican researchers to develop ambitious research projects and allow young scientists to continue their scientific training. We work to generate scientific knowledge and facilitate its integration into the conservation and resource management processes

We believe that knowledge should contribute to the protection of vital marine and coastal ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. Our research covers topics relevant to Mexican society such as fisheries management, protection of biodiversity, as well as the contributions that the use of natural capital generates to social wellbeing.

Our work is based on innovative multidisciplinary methodologies that incorporate technology and traditional methodologies. In addition, we promote collaborative science to facilitate the participation of resource users, citizens and other interested people. This philosophy has allowed us to carry out research in a comprehensive and efficient way.

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