About Us

The Gulf of California Marine Program (GCMP) brings top-level natural, economic and social sciences together to address sustainability challenges to improve resource management and decision-making. The program was founded in 2008 and initially focused on the Gulf of California, but has scaled up research efforts to include the Pacific, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico coast lines.

The GCMP addresses environmental and associated social issues in Mexico’s coasts by engaging researchers, students, resource users, and local communities. Through a broad communication and open-access philosophy, we promote transparency to work towards viable partnerships and solutions.

Our mission is to integrate science into decision-making throughout Mexico and promote policies that achieve sustainable marine and coastal management.

Core Values of the GCMP include to:

  • Conduct objective, unbiased scientific research independent of political and social pressures.
  • Produce robust data that contribute to fisheries management and conservation efforts.
  • Engage with academics, organizations and communities to build capacities in research and monitoring.
  • Share data and scientific information with stakeholders and partners to promote its use in policy and decision-making.
  • Pursue scientific projects that inspire and promote innovation in coastal and marine science.
  • Develop a strong network of scientists, civil organizations and communities to guarantee long-term collaborations.

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